Constant Organizational Development

Consulting, Training and Coaching to help your organization and its leaders meet the demands of the future.

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Constant Organizational Development

Consulting, Training and Coaching to help your organization and its leaders meet the demands of the future.

You’ve come to the right place if…

You are an individual manager or leader who…

  • Cares about the people on your team
  • Wants to grow as a manager or leader
  • Has recently been promoted or given more responsibility
  • Wants to create an engaging environment where people excel
  • Understands the value of meaningful work
  • And maybe…
    • Didn’t receive onboarding or training when you became a manager or leader
    • Knows this stuff is important, but doesn’t know what to do next.
    • Has read some good books, but needs something more practical.

You are a senior leader or executive who…

  • Believes the best way to achieve business outcomes is to engage people
  • Wants to standardize your approach to employee engagement, development or selection
  • Values a customized approach and flexible delivery
  • Needs to develop managers and leaders at scale
  • Want to offer development opportunities that don’t require people to be out of the office for multiple days at a time
  • Needs to select and retain top talent
  • Want practical solutions that enable the team, not continued reliance on outside help
  • And maybe…
    • Has tried approaches to employee engagement that were initially successful, but didn’t work long term
    • Has seen the organization make some mistakes with key hires
    • Has concerns that leaders in line for succession aren’t yet ready


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What Our Clients Say


Invest in what works.  Eliminate what doesn't.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve served a wide variety of clients, from small local organizations to global Fortune 500 entities. Our experience has honed our approach to organizational development, helping you invest in what works, and eliminate what doesn’t.

Too many approaches are "one size fits all." Our affiliate service model ensures you receive expert consulting, training and coaching, customized to your business and its needs. Whether you are seeking to refresh your employee engagement initiatives, build a leadership development program for your high potential associates, revamp your selection and onboarding process, or anything else related to developing your organization and its leaders to meet the demands of the future, we understand that this is your life's work, and we will treat it, and you, with the respect and care it deserves.

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Our Process

You run the business; we’ll help you build toward the future.

Step 1: Schedule a 30 minute consultation

  • No obligation and no fee-you’ll never get a hard sell from us.
  • We’ll ask you about your business goals, the future you want to create, your people strategies, what’s important to you, what works in your culture and what doesn’t.

Step 2: Receive your customized proposal

  • Based on our conversation, we’ll outline how we will partner with you to build and strengthen the capability of your leaders and your organization.
  • Every partnership is unique, but our goal never changes: we help our clients meet the demands of the future.
  • Still no obligation, and still no fee. If you like what you see, you can schedule a time to walk through our proposal, ask any questions, and define the next steps.

Step 3: Partner with us and get started right away!

  • We customize resources and make them available to you. For example: interview guides for managers, checklists for implementing an employee engagement survey, and articles that provide insight into leadership and other topics.
  • We’ll be available immediately-email, phone, text, or video-you can reach out with questions or ideas and expect a prompt response.
  • We’ll create a cadence to check-in and ensure our collaboration and results are progressing according to your expectations.