Constant Leadership

Leadership involves a destination, a desired future state.

What do you or your organization need most in order to make that desired future state a reality?

Do you need to consider Vision? Legacy? Influence? Relationship?

Whatever emphasis you require, Constant Leadership can help.

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Leadership Development Resources

Short videos to stimulate your leadership thinking and practice.

Easy to access writeable .pdfs with evaluation questions.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Retained and seasonal coaching for every level of leadership.

Individual leadership assessment and consultation.

Leadership Team Performance Sessions

Team leadership assessment and consultation.

Organizational structure analysis and consultation.

Leadership Speaking and Facilitation

Customized leadership keynote and breakout sessions.

Leadership team vision, strategic planning and goal setting facilitation.

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Become a better leader in less than 15 minutes a day!

"Even if you don't have the title, position or authority, you are a leader. You have infinite opportunities to influence the people around you. You might not see them, but they are there every day. Stosh's book will make those invisible leadership moments visible and show you how to make the most of them."

"Stosh's simple and clear pictures of leadership in action in the real world can help those who are presently leading get back to the basics that have been lost in the clutter of culture and organizations."

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You run the business; we’ll help you build toward the future.

You run the business; we’ll help you build toward the future.

Prepare your leaders to meet the demands of the future.  Enable your business to grow.

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