Better Workplaces.  Better World.

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Do you think work can change the world? Do you have a little rebel in you? If so, this podcast is for you.

Individuals are the cornerstones of organizations. Organizations are the cornerstones of communities. And communities are the cornerstones of the world.

That means if we do the right things in our organizations, our workplaces, we can make the world just that little bit better. But traditional approaches to management, leadership and employee engagement aren’t working. We're listening to the wrong people and doing the wrong things in our workplaces.

Fortunately, there are better ways, and INSUBORDINATE exists to explore and share them.

Host Stosh D. Walsh from Constant Organizational Development leverages over 25 years of experience in consulting, education and executive coaching to help you advance your professional development and grow your business.

Discover practical insights on management, leadership, employee engagement, and other organizational development and human resources related topics.

Learn and apply the best ways to develop yourself, others, your team and your organization without any confusing theory, impractical nonsense or pithy aphorisms.

Question traditional approaches that aren’t working.

Get direct, actionable ideas for how to make our workplaces better.

Invest in what drives positive outcomes for individuals, teams, organizations and the world.

Don’t settle for bad management, bad leadership, and bad workplaces. Be insubordinate, and let’s make the world better together.